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Gogo U.K. Owor
Attorney & Counselor at Law
6475 Hillcroft, Suite B
Houston, TX 77081
Tel: 713-778-8000

About Attorney

Gogo U.K. Owor graduated from the Oklahoma State University with a B.S. in Architectural Studies and a B. Arch. from the University of Oklahoma. Immediately after graduating from college, he practiced as an Architectural Designer for four years. Having observed the injustice in the society he proceeded to law school.

Gogo U.K. Owor attended and graduated from Thurgood Marshall School of Law, Texas Southern University. Following law school graduation, he worked as a Legal Assistant for Baron & Budd in Dallas Texas. In October 2000, he decided to establish his own Law Practice, Law Gogo U.K. Owor & Associates. Gogo U.K. Owor is a General Litigation Attorney with about 75% of his practice focusing on family law and the rest on Accident, Immigration, Contract, Criminal Laws and Health Laws. Attorney Gogo U.K. Owor stands out among other Lawyers because whatever area of Law he accepts, he thrives to handle it honestly, sincerely, morally and professionally.

Gogo U.K. Owor enjoys helping people achieve their legal objective when possible. He is a true believer of Justice for all and always fights for Justice. As a conscientious Attorney, he believes in that the truth and applying the law to the truth to make you free.

Gogo U.K. Owor is happily married to his wife, Vicky who most of the time understands his busy schedule and handles it with endurance. He is also happy with his seven children who were and are very understanding.

Licensed to Practice Law by the Supreme Court of Texas in 2000
Admitted to Practice in United States Tax Court
Admitted to Practice in United States Federal Courts - Southern Districts
Admitted to Practice in United States Federal Courts - Northern Districts

Member Texas Bar Association
Member College of the State Bar of Texas
American Immigration Lawyers Association

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