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Gogo U.K. Owor
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At the Law Firm of Gogo U.K Owor & Associates, There are many areas of law that we as transactional and litigation attorneys can work in. Listed Below, are some of the areas our practice covers:

In Family law, our attorneys handle custody issues and family issues. They represent people in divorce cases. They can write prenuptial agreements or custody agreements. Our firm specializes in providing various family law litigation practices which include Amicable Divorce, Contested Divorce, Child Adoption, Child support, Child custody & visitation, Interstate & International Custody issues. We go the extra mile to maintain and forward legal procedures that help our client's get favorable outcomes. We are also Wills and trusts lawyers and we can handle estates and trusts.

Personal injury lawyers represent clients who are injured. The clients may be suing another person or a company who made a product that caused their injury, or as a result of an accident caused by another individual.

In Criminal Defense, our attorneys represent clients accused of crimes. We go the extra mile of working the case to make sure we pursue the highest level of favorable outcome for our client.

In Immigration, our attorneys represent people having issues with immigration and naturalization. We help people to become citizens and/or assist people in danger of being deported.

In Environmental law, we can work for the government or for private corporations. Our responsibility is to deal with issues surrounding law and the environment. This involves investigating environmental regulations, investigating violations of environmental law and injury to people or property resulting from damage to the environment.

Our Corporate attorneys work for the interest of our Client/businesses always. We may be in-house counsel, which means we work for one specific corporation. We also might work for a law firm that represents a business or a corporation. Corporate attorneys have a wide range of responsibilities: file incorporation papers for the corporation, review or write contracts for the corporation and advice corporations on potential liability issues.

In Healthcare Law, our attorneys deal with helping our clients resolve Healthcare related lawsuits, malpractice lawsuits and general healthcare related issues. We align ourselves with various organizations, to ensure that we know the applicable laws that govern all the various Healthcare fields.

In Labor law we represent employers or employees in disputes about labor. We can help write employee handbooks or oversee human resources decisions. We also represent employees who are discriminated against or treated unfairly at work or whose employers have violated a worker-protection law.

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