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Welcome to The Law Offices of Gogo U.K. Owor & Associates, PLLC

Family Law

In Family law, our attorneys handle all areas of family law. They represent people in divorce cases. They can write prenuptial agreements or custody agreements

Immigration Law

In Immigration, our attorneys represent people having issues with immigration and naturalization. We help people to become citizens and/or assist people in danger of being deported.

Criminal Defense

In Criminal Defense, our attorneys represent clients accused of crimes. We go the extra mile of working the case to make sure we pursue the highest level of favorable outcome for our client.
Expunge, non-disclosure or clean your record now.

Personal Injury

Personal injury lawyers represent clients who are injured. The clients may be suing another person or a company who made a product that caused their injury, or as a result of an accident caused by another individual.

Corporate Law

We work for the best interest of our Client/Businesses always. We Prepare and Review Contracts, Prosecute or Defend Contract Disputes on a case by case basis.

Healthcare Law

We can help our Clients resolve Healthcare related lawsuits including but not limited to Healthcare Fraud allegations (including Medicare and Medicaid Fraud), False Claim, Whistle Blower, Qui Tam, and general healthcare related issues

Labor Law

Our Firm represents employers or employees in labor disputes. We can help write employee handbooks or oversee human resources decisions.

Landlord/Tenants Law

We represent both Landlords and Tenants (Residential and Commercial) in Contract Disputes, Evictions, Return of Security Deposit Disputes, etc.

Tax Matters

Our Law Offices also offer a wide range of Income Tax Services, from Tax Preparation to Tax Court representation.

At The Law Office of Gogo U.K. Owor & Associates, we understand how confusing and frustrating the legal process can be. The attorney at the Law Office of Gogo U.K. Owor & Associates will zealously fight for you. Our Attorney and Associates have the experience, the drive, and the compassion to maximize the likelihood that you will receive a favorable outcome.

The Law Office of Gogo U.K. Owor & Associates is a General Practice firm. Our core areas of practice include but not limited to:

  • FAMILY LAW: – Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support, Civil Protective Orders, etc.
  • ACCIDENTS: – Auto, Truck, Jobs injuries (No Workers Comp) etc.
  • IMMIGRATION: – Petitions, Naturalization, Court Defense, etc.
  • CRIMINAL: – DUI/DWI, Misdemeanor, Felony, etc.
  • MISCELLANEOUS: – General Business, Income Tax, Traffic Matters, Landlord/Tenant Matters, Civil Litigation, etc.

What makes the Law Office of Gogo U.K. Owor & Associates different is the compassion and individualized attention we give to each and every client. As a result, we promise you the results that only individualized attention and custom-tailored representation can bring.

If you need an attorney who is going to fight for you, please call the Law Office of Gogo U.K. Owor & Associates. We also take calls in Spanish. Call now and let us start fighting for you.

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